chemotherapy News

Men may have worse chemotherapy-induced heart condition

Cardiac volumes and mass are significantly larger in men as compared to women, indicating more damage to the heart's structure.

Exercise reduces chemotherapy-induced numbness and pain: Study

Cancer patients who exercise have a simple and inexpensive way to reduce weakness, numbness and pain in hands and feet due to chemotherapy.


Tata hospital’s platelet registry to be replicated in other cities

In TMH alone, close to 25 units of platelets is required every day, more than the total requirement by all other hospitals combined in the city.

Lone white tigress at SGNP operated upon to remove tumour

Due to their light skin, white tigers are susceptible to cancer.

England: 8-year-old girl defeats rare form of cancer to survive

Claudia was diagnosed with Metastatic PineoBlastoma, a rare and very belligerent form of brain tumour, in June 2011.


Trials for ‘safer’ cancer therapy a success in India

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved DCT for some forms of solid cancer.

Nanoemulsions to target infectious diseases: Study

The nanoemulsions carry antibodies and protein and can generate an immune response against infectious diseases such as influenza, HIV and malaria.

Bathinda to Bikaner,aboard ‘cancer train’

The embattled Gehlot sees his free medicine scheme as his best weapon in Rajasthan polls.

Potential cause for deadly breast cancer relapse identified

The absence of the protein in the brain has been linked to the onset of Parkinson's disease.