chemical News

Hands spread harmful chemicals throughout homes

Hundreds of everyday items, from furniture to cell phones to floor wax, contain organophosphate ester (OPE) flame retardants and plasticisers.

Man arrested for carrying chemical that injured 6

The injured were admitted to the Thane civil hospital.


Chandigarh moots underground nuke shelter for 'top brass'

Chandigarh administration has mooted setting up of an underground safe house shelter.

Govt working on standards for imports

The government is working out mandatory standards for imported goods,such as chemical and engineering,with a view to check inward shipments of sub-standard items from various countries,including China

Scientists hope to develop cream to treat skin cancer

Chemical was effective in destroying the cancer cells without harming normal skin cells.

Down To Earth

There are many insects that are seen in the garden occasionally,but the white ant is perennial and one that causes maximum damage.


EU regulations to affect chemical,dyestuff industry: Expert

The Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturers’ Association has raised concerns about the European Commission's...

Folic acid banned after samples fail test

A temporary ban has been put on use and supply of folic acid after it failed the usability test.

Now,laser sensors to detect explosive devices

From chemical analysis and X-ray surveillance,Indian scientists are moving towards laser sensors for the detection of Improvised Explosive Devices.

Drinking water in eight districts has chemical,bacterial contamination,says study

An assessment study by Water and Sanitation Management Organisation has found presence of chemicals and bacteriological contamination...