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Remembering Karl Lagerfeld: A look back at the illustrious career of iconic fashion designer 

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld dies at 85: As we celebrate the illustrious career of the German designer, photographer, film director, and artist, here is a look back at some of his iconic moments over the years. 

Chanel pays homage to David Bowie with elaborate hairstyles at Spring 2019 couture show

Chanel recently showcased their Spring 2019 haute couture collection at the Grand Palais in Paris recently and apart from their ensembles, it was the bold hairstyles and make-ups on the models that added a whole lot of drama to the looks.


Chanel redefines beach wedding wear with this bridal monokini at Couture Spring 2019 fashion show

Chanel wrapped up its haute couture spring 2019 show at the Mediterranean gardens in Paris with a display of a dazzling, embellished monokini.

French luxury fashion house Chanel bans fur and use of exotic skins

Chanel recently announced the ban of fur and exotic animal skins like snake, crocodile, lizard and stingray from their garments. Some of the other fashion houses who had earlier dropped fur are Versace, Armani, Burberry and Zara.

Cindy Crawford's 16-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber turns designer for Karl Lagerfeld

Cindy Crawford's 16-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber, has turned into a fashion designer after her collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld to design a capsule collection, Karl Lagerfeld x Kaia, which is set to launch in Fall 2018.

Does Paris still matter for Indian designers?

Indian designers have shown at Paris Fashion Week this season, but is the fashion capital of the world still a lure?


Milan versus Paris

Watch out for the French,say Italian stylesmiths as LVMH sweeps up fashion house after struggling fashion house

All the world's a Chanel stage at Paris fashion week

Models walking across the stage and into the audience seated showed off a glittery collection.

Kate Moss to design phone covers

Kate Moss: My phone's as much a part of my look as my bag or shoes.

Brad Pitt’s sultry monologue unveiled as part of Chanel’s £4m No.5 campaign

Pitt is the first male to endorse the perfume in it 91 year history.

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Karl Lagerfeld dies at 85: Quotes from the iconic fashion designer

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld dies at 85: For a man who wore many hats and had an outspoken personality, here are some of the most popular quotes from the designer

Chanel's doll house-themed Paris show: BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid scorch the ramp

Having, in previous years, turned the Grand Palais into an airport, a supermarket and a brasserie, designer Karl Lagerfeld, who has been at the creative helm of Chanel since 1983, sent models out of a wooden house down a garden path across a neat green lawn.