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Pushing dodgy deals, burying facts: ICICI Bank official red flags ignored

This official requested his colleagues to delete that mail after reading but an executive director of ICICI Bank, who was one of the recipients, forwarded it to Chanda Kochhar suggesting that such analysis and mails can “freeze” the organisation.

ICICI Bank fires boss: hurt and shocked, credit decisions not unilateral, says Chanda Kochhar

Kochhar’s indictment may invite action from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for violation of related party disclosures, experts in securities laws said.


Chanda Kochhar resigns as ICICI CEO, Sandeep Bakhshi to take over

Chanda Kochhar, on resigning as ICICI Bank MD and CEO, also won't be on the board of directors of the bank's subsidiaries. ICICI Bank said that its inquiry against Kochhar will remain unaffected by her resignation.