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Who could possibly replace Angela Merkel? Here are some of the contenders

Whoever is elected to lead the Christian Democrats after Angela Merkel would be well positioned to eventually succeed her as Germany’s leader, as well, greatly raising the stakes in the December contest.

End of era beckons as sources say Angela Merkel to give up Christian Democrats party chair

When Angela Merkel came into office in 2005, George W. Bush was US president, Jacques Chirac was in the Elysee Palace in Paris and Tony Blair was British prime minister.


Germany: Angela Merkel's government braces for high-stakes state election

Angela Merkel's preferred successor as leader of her conservatives, CDU Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, has warned the SPD that pulling out of the ruling coalition after the Hesse vote would trigger a federal election.

German far-right party draws backing from small group of Jews

The AfD entered the German parliament for the first time in an election last year, drawing support from a broad array of voters angry with Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision in 2015 to welcome almost a million, mainly Muslim asylum seekers.

Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin share a headache, thanks to Donald Trump

Stefan Meister, a Russia expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations, said that there is "an increased interest on both sides to talk about topics of common interest" and that, in part because of Trump, the two sides have shifted focus from earlier meetings that focused on Russia's conflict with Ukraine.

Rouhani tells Merkel EU package is "disappointing", claim Tasnim news

"Unfortunately the proposed package lacked an action plan or a clear roadmap for the continuation of cooperation. It only included some general promises like previous EU statements," Rouhani was quoted as saying by Tasmin news agency


Angela Merkel downplays prospect of Brussels breakthrough on migration

"The meeting on Sunday is a consultation and working meeting at which there will be no concluding statement," she told a Beirut news conference alongside Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri. "It is an initial exchange with interested member states."

Germany to start work on trade, China, Syria war: Angela Merkel

"What we're seeing and hearing everyday is that Europe needs to step up and Germany needs to have a strong voice there along with France and other member states (of the European Union)," said Angela Merkel during a brief statement to reporters.

Angela Merkel eyes Social Democrats in bid to form government

"Europe needs a strong Germany, it is desirable to get a government in place quickly," Merkel told a regional party meeting in northern Germany, adding, however, that her acting government could carry on day to day business.

Germany's Angela Merkel remains anchor of stability for United States

The guarantor of German continuity for the country's international role generally, and trans-Atlantic relations in particular, bears the name of Angela Merkel, who despite heavy losses for her party, was re-elected chancellor for a fourth consecutive time.