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‘Chakravyuh’ in Parliament, but it’s only a play

Former MP Nitish Bharadwaj returns to House, as Mahabharata’s Lord Krishna

‘I am coming back as Krishna’

Nitish Bharadwaj aka Krishna from the TV series Mahabharata to play the blue god on stage


'Chakravyuh' was too heavy film for audience: Esha Gupta

"It released around Diwali and everyone was in a happy mood, they did not want to watch something serious and heavy," said Esha Gupta.

Information meets Animation

Filmmaker Dhvani Desai’s Chakravyuh creates awareness about the benefits of RTI

The Power of information

Filmmaker Dhvani Desai’s animation film Chakravyuh creates awareness about the benefits of RTI

A minute with Arjun Rampal on Satyagraha

Arjun Rampal spoke about whether the kind of revolution shown in <i>Satyagraha</i> can make a difference in real life.


Special role was created for Arjun Rampal in Satyagraha

If the script of <i>Satyagraha</i> would have stayed on as per the original draft,the film would not have featured Arjun Rampal.

I want to surprise people,says Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal is no longer referred as a non-actor,thanks to well-acclaimed.

Abhay Deol moves to television

Abhay Deol who was last seen in the Prakash Jha film <i>Chakravyuh</i> will soon be making his debut on the small screen.

Hollow Maze

Chakravyuh talks of the growing ‘red corridor’ in several parts of the country,and how it came to be,and how it is playing out right here,right now