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Before Gold, here's looking back at the hockey film that left a lasting impact - Chak De India

Akshay Kumar starrer Gold is all set to release on this Independence Day and while the actor has clearly stated that his film and Chak De India are completely different, comparisons will be made.

Coach is only similarity in 'Chak De! India', 'Saala Khadoos': R Madhavan

R. Madhavan says the only common factor between "Saala Khadoos" and Shah Rukh Khan's "Chak De! India" is that they have a protagonist who's a sports coach.


When Shah Rukh Khan thought 'Chak De! India' was his worst ever film

'Chak De! India' remains one of Shah Rukh Khan's most celebrated works till date. But he himself was not initially confident of the movie doing well at the box-office.

Shah Rukh Khan's 'Chak De! India', Aamir Khan's 'Rang De Basanti': Five new age patriotic movies you should watch this Independence Day

On the 69th Independence Day of India, we list five movies which showcase the 'new age patriotism' and give us a lesson or two in enhancing the glory of our nation.

Why was Shilpa Shukla 'frustrated' after 'B.A. Pass'?

After 'B.A. Pass', Shilpa Shukla was inundated with roles in 'horror and sex films'.

Punjab talkies

Boy bumps into a girl at college,they exchange a cheesy conversation,she gives him some attitude and walks away.


Recycled Thought

Bollywood art director Sukant Panigrahy is exhibiting art installations that draw attention to the ecosystem.

Young hockey star’s tale of humble beginnings,B’wood dreams

Yuvraj Walmiki's life is the subject of a documentary aimed at bringing sponsors to the sport.

Shilpa Shukla wants Shah Rukh Khan to watch B.A Pass

Shilpa Shukla revealed she would like Shah Rukh Khan's feedback on her last release,<i>B.A Pass</i>.

Winning Ways

How an American broadcaster helped spruce up Indian sports flicks

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Dilwale, Happy New Year, Chennai Express: Shah Rukh Khan's last ten releases and how much they earned at box office

Fan movie is Shah Rukh Khan’s first release of the year 2016. While the stage is set for SRK to hit bullseye at the box office, here's a look at Shah Rukh Khan's last 10 releases which managed to rule the box office.