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Over 90% enumerators opt for mobile app in Census 2021 test run

The Census will have code numbers linked to set responses for descriptive questions, to minimise varied responses that need to be categorised post-data collection.

Pre-test of Census 2021 to be conducted from August 12 to September 30

The reference date for the census is October 1, 2020 for Jammu and Kashmir and snowbound areas of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, while for the rest of country is March 1, 2021.


Will white Americans be a minority by 2044? Academics say it's not that simple

Race is difficult to count because, unlike income or employment, it is a social category that shifts with changes in culture, immigration and ideas about genetics.

Census, Christians, Conversions

Despite having the highest level of female education and the lowest fertility rate, why is the Christian population growth rate the same as that of the average Indian?

Population growth slowing for all; on sex ratio, Muslims better than Hindus

While decadal growth rates are declining among all religious communities, the decline has been sharper among Muslims than among Hindus over the last three decades.

Census 2011: Hindus dip to below 80 per cent of population; Muslim share up, slows down

The Muslim community has registered a moderate 0.8 per cent growth to touch 17.22 crore in the 10 year period between 2001 and 2011, up from 13.8 crore, while Hindus population showed a decline by 0.7 per cent at 96.63 crore during the period, the census data said.


Just 4.6 per cent of all rural households pay income tax, reveals Socio Economic and Caste Census

Releasing the Census, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the data will help in better targeting of government policies.

Interactive: A look at last 5 years Census data on religion

The long-delayed India Census 2011 data on religion could be out soon.

Religion-based census data may be released soon

The census depicts the country's population on the grounds of religious faith practised by an individual.

SC sets aside HC order on caste-wise census

In its May 2010 judgment, the Madras HC had asked the Census Commissioner to take all steps to hold a caste-wise census.

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Making Sense Of The Religious Communities Data (Census 2011)

The population of Hindus slipped by 0.7 percentage points while the numbers of Muslims grew by o.8 percent, census data said. Read the story