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Wednesday, April 08, 2020



J&K: Calls, SMS restored on pre-paid cellphone service

January 19, 2020 4:07 am

2G post-paid mobile internet access to 153 white-listed sites in all districts of Jammu, two districts of Kashmir

Cellphone addiction: Seven things that we did differently in 'BC' times

February 03, 2016 3:10 pm

What did we use to live and learn, how did we love and fight?

Yerawada open jail: Cellphone seized from murder convict

March 21, 2015 4:13 am

Senior police inspector S A Patil said Yakub has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

No health risk from cell phone radiation

June 20, 2014 10:59 am

Radiations emitted by mobile phones and towers do not cause any health hazard, say experts.

Cellphone leads cops to trio of ‘habitual’, yuppie lockpickers in posh colonies

April 29, 2014 1:11 am

Police went looking for a professional gang, one that fits the profile. But pieces of a mobile phonel teacher.

One in four teens use cellphones to browse web

March 13, 2013 8:32 pm

It is more convenient for teens to check social networks,search for videos via mobile: research

Cellphone battle reaches new pitch as companies unveil attractive products

September 14, 2012 4:11 am

From the launch of more affordable mobile devices to introducing new and interesting applications,companies are going all out to woo customers and increase their presence in India.

Now,charge your phone by simply holding it

August 28, 2012 3:35 pm

Researchers have developed a way to turn body heat into electricity using nanotechnology.

From today,pay property tax on mobile in Rajkot

November 19, 2011 5:55 am

On its 38th anniversary on Saturday,the Rajkot Municipal Corporation is set to empower residents with technology-enabled services that will make tax payment,seeking building use permission or registering complaints easier and faster,at the press of cellphone key or a click of mouse.

‘The question Now is whether repeated exposure to radiation might have a detrimental effect’

February 24, 2011 1:58 am

Cellphone use can alter brain activity: Study.