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When the road darkens

On the sexual offence crisis that casts a lengthening shadow on the church, Pope takes an important step forward.

China is using talks with the Vatican and bulldozers to control Christianity

Christianity has spread most quickly among white-collar professionals in China’s biggest cities and most prosperous regions, many of whom worship in underground churches outside government control.


US Catholic Church plans hotline for complaints of abuse by bishops

The hotline was one of several moves unveiled on Wednesday by bishops to try to rebuild trust in the US church hierarchy after recent allegations that bishops had abused children and covered up decades of sex crimes by priests.

New study details sexual abuse by German Catholic priests over decades: Report

The German study examined more than 38,000 personnel and reference files from 27 dioceses around the country and showed that more than half of the victims were aged at most 13 years old at the time of the crime.

Around 300 priests sexually abused over 1000 children since the 1940s, says US grand jury report

Top church officials have mostly been protected and many, including some named in the report, have been promoted, the grand jury said, concluding that "it is too early to close the book on the Catholic Church sex scandal."

Church magazine editorial says even basic facilities like sanitary pads denied to nuns

The editorial, written by Dr Suresh Mathew in 'Indian Currents', an English weekly published from Delhi by a society under the patronage of the Capuchins of Krist Jyoti Province of North India, talks at length about the violation of basic rights of nuns whose contributions to the Church are not small.


Kerala police to quiz Jalandhar Bishop after nun’s statement

The nun had told police that the Bishop had raped her and also subjected her to unnatural sex at the congregation’s convent-cum-mission house at Kuravilangad in Kottayam district for 13 times since April, 2014.

For one Catholic parish in China, division and confusion as historic deal looms

The expected deal would allow China to appoint bishops, in consultation with the Vatican, and eventually could lead to the restoration of full diplomatic relations between the two sides for the first time in seven decades.

Home and Beyond

A beautifully crafted mosaic of the lives of a family, that's also a sharp lens with which to explore the socio-political history of Kerala

Kerala High Court affirms priests' right to property despite poverty oath

"Hundreds of former priests and retired priests are living in penury in India, as most families refuse to take them back when they are old and have no work," said Kalamparambil, who quit the priesthood after 27 years.