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Spain rejects talks with Catalan separatists after days of unrest

More than 500,000 people gathered in downtown Barcelona on Friday in a show of force after the Supreme Court handed down stiff prison sentences to nine separatist leaders who led a failed independence bid in 2017.

"Worst is still to come": Sizzling Europe battles wildfires, health risks

Temperatures climbed towards 44 degrees Celsius in parts of northern Spain and southern France, driving many people to seek relief in the sea, rivers, lakes, fountains and swimming pools.


Explained: Catalan trial that gripped Spain draws to close; here's all you need to know

A verdict isn't expected for months but, whichever way it goes, it could set the course for the Catalan secession movement and the tone of Spain's national politics for years to come.

Thousands protest in Madrid against government's Catalonia policy

Demonstrators waving Spanish flags filled the Plaza de Colon in the city centre in the largest protest Sanchez has faced, with their slogan "For a united Spain, elections now!" a reminder of the pressure on his minority government.

Ex-Catalan chief Puigdemont returns to Belgium from Germany

Puigdemont said he will continue to travel around Europe in an attempt to explain the separatist position in wealthy Catalonia, which has so far failed to garner any support from European governments or major political parties.

Catalonia lawmakers to vote on leader facing rebellion probe

The semi-autonomous region has been without a president for nearly five months after central authorities removed Puigdemont's government and took direct control of Catalonia's affairs.


Spain seeks to block Carles Puigdemont becoming leader of Catalonia

Spanish deputy prime minister said current circumstances did not permit the election of Carles Puigdemont as regional leader as he cannot enter Spain without being arrested.

Catalonia's Puigdemont arrives in Denmark without being detained

Carles Puigdemont, the former leader of Catalonia, arrived on Monday in Denmark and left the airport without being detained, Reuters reporters said.

What's next for Catalonia and would-be leader Carles Puigdemont?

That could take up to two months if no candidate gets an absolute majority of votes. If parties agree on a regional leader and it's Puigdemont while he is still abroad, Madrid would declare the vote null and keep its control over the region.

Pro-independence parties to back former Catalan leader as regional head

Carles Puigdemont is in self-imposed exile in Brussels and could be arrested if he returns to Spain.