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She will be missed: Nathan Fillion on Katic's exit from Castle

Nathan Fillion has said that he will miss his co-star Stana Katic, who announced that she is leaving the show.

Stana Katic leaving 'Castle'

Stana Katic is leaving "Castle" after playing the lead role of Captain Kate Beckett for eight seasons.


Nathan Fillion to return on 'Castle' next season

Nathan Fillion to return in the upcoming eighth season of hit TV show "Castle".

Indian audience relate to emotional aspect of 'Castle': David Amann

'Castle' revolves around a celebrated mystery novelist, Rick Castle, and NYPD detective Kate Beckett.

Nathan Fillion denies being approached for Batman role

Nathan Fillion thinks he would be terrible at playing Batman.

Lethal Charm

America’s favourite serial killer Dexter Morgan strikes India.


Murder,he wrote

Richard Castle,a bestselling crime fiction writer,‘master of the macabre’,kills off his lead character. Afflicted by writer’s block,he wonders what he will write about,when an idea arrives on a platter.