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State road transport bus drivers, conductors don’t find rooms at night in Kullu district due to a strict caste system. Now it’s a matter of an inquiry

Across the aisle- India at 70: The curse of caste

How and why the caste system has survived through the centuries is a puzzle. Why did the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas, who had power and money, accept the Brahmin as their superior? Why was the guru invariably a Brahmin?


Caste system in ancient India not rigid: Author Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi — who is known for his interpretations of Indian mythology — cites current genetic research to make his case.

Dictum & Diaspora: Kumari Selja isn't India's enemy; the abhorrent caste system is

One must admit that the successive Congress and the BJP regimes have done little to fight the caste system.

Sardar Patel’s police force

National security needs that led him to press for the IPS are as alive as ever

Inter-caste marriages in national interest: SC

Khap panchayats illegal,have to be ‘ruthlessly stamped out’,says court.


Malaysia arrest Indian activists for protesting against book

58 members of Hindraf and a 10-year-old girl were detained for protesting against a proposed school textbook.

US recognises no caste system: Barack Obama

Lauding the spirit of America,President Barack Obama has said his country recognised no caste system...

Abolish caste system: SC,gives lifer to 6 for Dalit killings

Thirty years after eight Dalits were massacred by upper caste Thakurs in UP,the SC has sentenced to life imprisonment five of the accused.

Honour killing: Haryana youth murdered for marrying girl of same clan

A 21-year-old youth who had married against the wishes of the community has been beaten to death in Narwana,Haryana.