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Attack the system: Policy must deal not only with caste-based discrimination, but identity itself

Division of labour — or the rationale behind the Varna Vyavastha — does not exist today and the country certainly needs to get rid of its vestiges.

Art of the Matter

Artist KM Madhusudhanan through his oil paintings, sculptures, and ink and charcoal drawings speaks about the caste system, still prevalent in the country, especially his homeland Kerala.


Colourful bands, tattoos in Tamil Nadu schools keep caste cauldron simmering

A red and blue wristband denotes the suppressed caste or leanings towards a regional Dalit-based political outfit, while a yellow-green one points to Vanniyars or support to a political party known to be backing the community.

A marriage sharpens caste divide in Kerala village

After girl elopes with upper-caste man in village bordering Tamil Nadu, SC residents agitate in temple alleging they face discrimination, upper castes deny. The settlement, spread over 20 acres, has 460 families, with 133 houses occupied by Chakkliyan families. Other families are of upper-caste Gounders and various Hindu communities.

Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan alleges caste discrimination in Uttar Pradesh

"An IPS officer has said, a particular caste is being targeted. The way hatred is being spread against Yadavs, Muslims and Dalits in Uttar Pradesh, it is against our Constitution," said Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan

HP schools to distribute mid-day meal as per roll number to check caste discrimination

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, on Tuesday, directed the government officials to circulate the instructions immediately.


‘There’s rural-urban divide, but isolating anyone on caste basis not seen much’ : Panjab University students

Apart from issues of reservation in admissions, Dalit students assert that they are looked down upon when they demand scholarships.

Accused of caste bias, UPPSC won’t declare successful aspirants’ names

“It is an internal matter of the Commission. I don’t understand why the media should show such interest in this...We are working hard and honestly to get the examinations conducted within time and as per fair rules” — Rizwan-ur-Rehman, Secretary, UPPSC

Judge’s plea charging senior of caste discrimination quashed

He said the senior judge denied him the basic facilities required to discharge judicial duties.

VHP says new campaign to end caste bias, untouchability

'Make friends with families of other castes, share happy and sad moments.'