Caste bias

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The Limits Of Rationality

The smarter we are, the more likely we are to re-affirm our political biases.

Caste in a New Mould

Anand Teltumbde’s book takes the discourse on caste beyond the confines of identity politics, and into the territory of absolute equality.


The curriculum taboo

Schools, colleges and other educational institutions desist from engaging with caste in the false hope that education will remove the social inequality.

Dalit meet guns for MP Lokayukta and govt, alleges caste bias

Thete, who faces new charges of corruption after his reinstatement in 2011, warned state Lokayukta P P Naolekar of serious consequences unless he withdrew cases against him.

Two Dalit IAS officers allege caste bias in Madhya Pradesh

IAS officers Ramesh Thete and Shashi Karnavat alleged that the state government was quick to penalise them while ignoring similar misconduct by officers belonging to upper castes.

VHP says new campaign to end caste bias, untouchability

'Make friends with families of other castes, share happy and sad moments.'


UK wakes up to caste bias

House of Lords acknowledges it,over to Commons to clear legislation to protect Indian diaspora.