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What is 'Satta Matka'?

The winner of 'Satta Matka' happens to be the person who guesses the correct number and is thereafter rewarded with a pre-determined amount of money. 'Kalyan and 'Worli' are the two most commonly organised 'Satta Matki' lotteries.

Albania bans casinos, betting shops from residential areas

The vote came as the opposition has been boycotting the post-summer plenary sessions.


Gurgaon casino busted, 43, including owner, held

“Upon raiding the house, we found illegal gambling taking place in room numbers 302, 303 and another one that was not numbered,” said Ravinder Kumar, PRO, Gurgaon Police.

Casino-cum-bar in south Delhi farmhouse busted; 30 arrested, 13 luxury cars seized

Casino tokens worth crore, liquor bottles, and hookahs were found by the police. The police also seized the roulette machine and gambling tables. The 13-acre farmhouse located on the Dera Mandi Road was also being used for shooting TV shows and films.

Putting his bets on casinos, law student moves HC

Jay Sayta, a final-year student at NUJS, Kolkata, has stumbled upon Maharashtra Casinos (Control and Tax) Act, 1976,

US casino billionaires place bets in Japan's tale of two cities

Japanese casino resort costing $5 billion, would offer a return on investment of below 20 percent.


No casino on Delta Corp ship in Goa: State Government

State government clarified it has refused to give permission for the casino on the new ship.

A Full House

At the floating casinos in Goa,the competition heats up and the stakes get higher,as poker turns from hobby to sport

Aces Up

MR X loves gambling and casinos. He bets on cricket,soccer,friends’ marriages and is generally obsessed with The Odds.

Morgan Stanley's crashed a casino

The giant corporate took a decision that caused a $932 mn loss instead of finishing the construction,which would have cost almost the same amount.