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Hong Kong leader seeks meeting with students after mass protests

In an emailed statement, a spokeswoman for Lam said late on Thursday Lam had "recently started inviting young people of different backgrounds for a meeting, including university students and young people who have participated in recent protests".

VIDEO: Hong Kong protestors let ambulance cross, come in for praise

Many people praised the protestors for their actions and the video got everyone talking on social media. One Twitter user called it, ""A noble act by the entire mob...admirable" while another compared the scene with the parting of a red sea.


Tens of thousands expected to rally to demand Hong Kong leader steps down

The Hong Kong protests have been the largest in the city since crowds came out against the bloody suppression of pro-democracy demonstrations centred around Beijing's Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.

Hong Kong chief says extradition law will go to legislature

Lam said the government had considered concerns from the private sector and altered the bill to improve human rights safeguards.

Hong Kong pushes bill allowing extraditions to China despite biggest protest since handover

The proposed changes provide for case-by-case extraditions to jurisdictions, including mainland China, beyond the 20 states with which Hong Kong already has treaties.

Pricey property leaves Hong Kong families struggling to buy own home

A skilled service worker in Hong Kong would need to work 20 years, the longest period of time in a list of 20 cities in the world, before being able to afford a 650 square feet (60 square meters) flat near the city centre, the UBS report said.


Political reform very sensitive, very difficult: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam

New Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam struck a conciliatory tone on Wednesday and vowed to improve ties with the legislature, but she suggested fresh reforms to bring greater democracy to the Chinese city would not be tabled any time soon.