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Chennai bus driver dies of cardiac arrest behind the wheel, rams into cars at traffic stop

While the driver collapsed behind the wheel and dies, passengers inside the bus and cars escaped with minor injuries.

Know what is cardiac arrest and how is it different from heart attack

To reduce the chances of cardiac arrests, its important to identify people with high-risk factors and bring as many lifestyle changes as possible.


Genetic therapy helps heal damage caused by heart attack

At present, when a patient survives a heart attack, they are left with permanent structural damage to their heart through the formation of a scar, which can lead to heart failure in the future, according to the researchers from King's College London in the UK.

Cardiac arrest vs heart attack: What's the difference?

A cardiac arrest is different than a heart attack in the sense that a heart attack occurs due to a blockage in one of the arteries while a cardiac arrest is the result of abnormal heart rhythm. Not all heart attacks result in a cardiac arrest.

Know the signs of heart failure

Feeling of palpitations and heart throbbing suggests that the heart would be pumping faster to compensate for the reduced functional capacity of the heart.

Marathon runner who suffered cardiac arrest still critical

The doctor says, “still a matter of life and death.”


Sex hormones linked to sudden cardiac arrest

Higher testosterone levels in men may offer protection from sudden cardiac arrest and lower levels of estrogen.

Your face can reveal your heart condition

The facial features of an individual can reflect whether or not a person is experiencing atrial fibrillation.

B K S Iyengar: Guru who spread yoga craze in the West

One of the foremost yoga teachers in the world, Iyengar had been selected for Padma Vibhushan.

Senior journalist Jehangir Pocha dies of cardiac arrest

After complain of chest pain, Pocha was rushed to a local hospital in Gurgaon where he breathed his last at 4.30 am.