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Plant respiration releases 30 per cent more carbon than earlier predicted: Study

Carbon released by plant respiration may be around 30 per cent higher than previously predicted, a study has found.

Poland aims to sign global climate deal amendment this year 

In 2015 Poland's president unexpectedly vetoed the amendment arguing that the country needed more time to analyse its impact on the economy.


Carbon emission cuts by cities have effects outside urban areas: Study

Cities can cut greenhouse gas emissions far beyond their urban borders, according to a study that calculated the first internationally comparable carbon footprints for four cities, including Delhi.

California to collaborate with EU, China on carbon markets

California and the EU will begin hosting regular meetings, also working with China, on improving carbon markets, which aim to reduce pollution by putting a price on carbon emissions.

2015-16 El Nino caused record CO2 spike: NASA

The 2015-16 El Nino cycle created large heat wave and drought-like conditions in Africa, America and Indonesia, which resulted in the largest annual CO2 concentrations in 2,000 years, say scientists

Eat seasonal produce to cut environmental threat

Preserving, processing to make certain foods available throughout the year leads to pollution and wastage.


China, US differ on global plan to cut emissions

China's Xie Zhenhua said China should not be subject to the same rules for greenhouse gas emissions as the U S.

Australia passes carbon pricing law

Landmark Australian law to impose price on carbon emissions,beginning as tax.

Ex-Apple head gives thermostat all new dimension

Technology: Sees thermostat as A dumb switch that can be changed into clever digital assistant

Solar power use critical for Asia's future growth: ADB

Asia must manage its energy security and reduce carbon emissions to sustain its "impressive" growth momentum,Asian Development Bank (ADB) Vice-President Xiaoyu Zhao said today.