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Hybrid microbes can convert CO2 to plastics, fuels

Scientists have developed hybrid organisms that use ambient carbon dioxide and nitrogen to produce a variety of plastics and fuels.

India to top US as 2nd-largest carbon spewer from power: International Energy Agency

Carbon dioxide emissions from India’s power sector are expected to rise nearly 80 per cent by 2040 as power use almost triples, driven in part by air conditioning, the Paris-based IEA said in the report released Tuesday.


Is sparkling water bad for your health? Find out here

Carbonated drinks are not good for your teeth due to the presence of bubbles, which is actually a product of carbon dioxide. It can also result in triggering hunger hormones, in turn leading to weight gain.

Climate change linked to more flowery forests: Study

New research has shown that tropical forests may be more sensitive to climate change than previously thought. Their study relates a rise in flower production to rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon dioxide can be converted to plastic through new copper catalyst

Researchers have made use of a catalyst, based on copper, that can convert carbon dioxide to plastic, and minimises methane production.

Living bacteria found in polar ice, raises possibility of life in icy worlds

New research into polar ice has shown that bacteria can survive deeper into ice sheets, raising the possibility of life in our solar systems' distant, icy planets.


Carbon dioxide emitted by power plants can be converted to fuel

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new system that could potentially be used for converting power plant emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) into useful fuel.

Dip in CO2 levels 1 million years ago cooled Earth, led to glacier growth: Study

A new study has shown that decreasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere led to a phenomenon of increased global cooling one million years ago.

Nickel-based catalyst able to recycle carbon dioxide, methane; control climate change

A cost-effective catalyst has been developed to recycle two of the main causes behind climate change - carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4).

Concentration of CO2 in atmosphere hits record high: UN

The Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, the UN weather agency's annual flagship report, tracks the continent of dangerous gasses in atmosphere in the post-industrial era (since 1750).