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Canon EOS RP full-frame mirror-less camera launched in India: Price, specifications

Canon has launched its lightest DSLR camera, EOS RP (full-frame mirrorless) that comes with 26.2MP Dual Pixel CMOS sensor, and 4K video recording.

Canon EOS R review: Full-frame goodness now in mirrorless

Canon EOS R review: Canon and Nikon, the old leviathans of the camera industry, were slow off the block, but are now catching up with mirrorless cameras meant for all types of uses and users. Canon’s latest is the EOS R camera meant for professionals which also ushers in the era of RF lenses which have been optimised for full-frame cameras like this one.


Canon EOS M50 review: Compact, but with DSLR versatility

Canon EOS M50 review: This mirrorless camera is really compact, and yet can pass off as a point-and-shoot device.

Different type of DSLR lenses and what kind of photography they are used for

Different lenses have different purposes; here are some of the key lenses that are meant for different situations and address specific photography needs.

Canon EOS M50 launched in India: Price, specifications and features

Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera with a large 24.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Digic 8 image processor launched at a price of Rs 61,995

Common DSLR jargon simplified to help you with better photography

In photography a lot of big words that get thrown around leaves you confused; here are some important photography jargons simplified to help you understand your camera better


Canon EOS 6D MarkII and Canon EOS 200D first impressions

Canon just got done launching the EOS 6D MarkII and the 200D in India and while the launch event and the press release have a lot to say, Canon India invited us to their headquarters in Gurugram to get a closer, more in-depth look and understanding of what the two cameras have to offer the Indian consumer.

Canon EOS 800D review: Smart camera that does not forget its core functions

Canon EOS 800D ushers in the Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Movie digital image stabilisation, maybe for the first time in this price range.

‘Imaging of Things’ is imperative for ‘Internet of Things’

Unification of the two technological evolutions enriching everyday consumer experiences.

Canon EOS 1300D #ExpressReview: Best entry-level DSLR is now smartphone ready

Canon EOS 1300D is essentially an upgrade of the popular EOS 1200D, but is it also a better entry-level option? Let’s find out.

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Canon 1200 D test: A night market and a tech show

Testing the Canon 1200D at Taiwan's Shilin night market and the Computex 2014.