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Wag tag: Now an identification tag for canines

DogSpot, a portal for pet lovers, has announced the launch of wag tag, an identification tag for canines.

CRPF dogs unable to bear the heat

Most of the 350 dogs suffer from dehydration,skin ailments; force to buy canine ambulances


This 'Papa' stands up for voiceless stray dogs

Rakesh Shukla who runs The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) in Bangalore has saved close to 200 canines.

Vets advise pet owners to be wary of monsoon

Wet fur and muddy paws — the perennial source of frustration for dog lovers can actually be harmful to pets with doctors pointing out that they are the main cause of infections and diseases in the canines.

Want active kids? Get them a dog

A dog is more than a man's best friend -- they are also a social support tool for being active.

Aussie dogs go barking mad for a little mutt music

Sydney Opera House went to the dogs as hundreds of pugs,poodles and pooches converged on the iconic landmark for a world-first concert for canines.


To save canines,reduce noise level this Diwali,say experts

This Diwali,save a prayer for the Capital’s canine breed. Experts have said the booming noise from crackers make dogs go crazy; they drool and snap,and some even die of heart failure.