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Blood Cancer Awareness Month: Diet changes that can help combat the genetic condition

According to a report by WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, India has the third-highest number of haematological cancers, commonly called blood cancer.

Protein that reduces spreading of cancer, binds cancer cells developed

Researchers have discovered a new protein that could reduce the spread of cancer by binding the cancer cells together.


Metal carried by dinosaur-killing asteroid could kill cancer cells, cure disease

Cancer cells can be targeted and destroyed with the metal from the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago, a study claims.

Believe it or not, this common food preservative can kill cancer cells

Food preservatives are not that bad after all.

Salt can kill cancer cells: Study

The next weapon to effectively fight cancer could be salt as researchers have found that an influx of salt into a cell triggers its death.

Nanoparticles cause cancer cells to self-destruct

The point of the new technique is that it is much more targeted than trying to kill cancer cells with techniques such as chemotherapy.


Tumour 'monorail' may spell doom for cancer cells

Tumour cells typically invade healthy tissue by secreting enzymes that allow the invasion to take place, Jain said.

Grape seed extract can kill cancer cells

The group has spent more than a decade demonstrating the anti-cancer activity.

Potential cause for deadly breast cancer relapse identified

The absence of the protein in the brain has been linked to the onset of Parkinson's disease.

Cow's milk may cure stomach cancers

Findings provide support for future use of LfcinB25 as a potential therapeutic agent for cancer.