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Passengers on Canadian flight fall sick after de-icing fumes enters cabin, 10 hospitalised

Airport firefighters were called and the flight was emptied, with passengers returning to the terminal.

Seals are stranded in a Canadian town, and people wonder what to do

For more than a week, seals have been in Roddickton-Bide Arm, Newfoundland, and they can’t seem to find their way home.


How Canada got trapped in the middle of the US-China trade war

Trump’s relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been chilly at best this year. Now, with the extradition process unfolding in the next months, Trudeau risks alienating China as well.

Another Canadian diplomat falls mysteriously ill in Cuba

Canada says it is considering all options regarding its embassy in Cuba.

Canada apologises for turning away Nazi era ship of Jews

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is formally apologizing on behalf of his nation for turning away a ship full of Jewish refugees trying to flee Nazi Germany in 1939.

After legalising cannabis, Canada's stores are struggling with a massive shortage

The first weeks since the legalisation of cannabis have felt more like a soft opening with few retail outlets operating and rampant supply shortages.


After Canada legalises marijuana, pot industry eyes rest of the world

Among the other nations considering legalization are Mexico and New Zealand.

Canada becomes the first industrialised nation to legalise cannabis

Law enforcement going forward could be patchy. In August, Canada approved a device to detect levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabis's psychoactive element, in drivers' oral fluids.

Canada is now the largest country with legal marijuana marketplace

Canadians also can order marijuana products through websites run by provinces or private retailers and have it delivered to their homes by mail.

Canada legalises recreational cannabis: All you need to know

Canada legalises cannabis: The law prohibits advertising marijuana and selling pot through a vending machine or self-service display.

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Fort McMurray wildfire: Thousands ordered to flee as flames moved into the Canadian oil sands city

The raging wildfire emptied Canada's main oil sands city, destroying entire neighborhoods of Fort McMurray.

Canada welcomes first batch of Syrian refugees at Toronto airport

Canada welcomed 163 Syrian refugees, taking in the first of a planned 25,000 in a matter of months and promising them a better life as they flee their country's horrific war.


Niagara Falls freezes over, attracts tourists

The sub zero temperature and bitter cold has resulted in a frozen spectacle of the Niagara falls in Canada.

Canada on high alert after parliament attack

A soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial was shot by an unknown gunman.

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Canada’s new marijuana economy: Meet the winners and losers

After 95 years of prohibition, Canada has legalised marijuana. We met with buyers, sellers, growers and students to hear what they had to say.