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User data harvesting: CBI seeks more details from Facebook, Cambridge Analytica

The agency officials said the CBI had received responses to its queries from both the companies but it needed more details from them on some specific questions.

Washington DC slaps Facebook with latest suit targeting privacy lapses

The Washington lawsuit alleges that about half of the District of Columbia's roughly 700,000 residents had their Facebook data scooped up by Cambridge Analytica in violation of local laws.


Cambridge Analytica used fashion data to build algorithms to target right-wing voters

Fashion brands were really useful in producing algorithms to find out how people think and how they feel, explained the Cambridge Analytica whistle blower

Facebook says Russian firms ‘scraped’ data, some for facial recognition

Facebook said Thursday that it had removed any accounts associated with SocialDataHub and its sister firm, Fubutech, because the companies violated its policies by scraping data from the social network.

‘Data theft’ of Indians: CBI writes to FB, Cambridge Analytica

Preliminary enquiry, the first step for any probe before an FIR is registered, has been initiated after receiving a reference in this regard from the Centre.

Facebook data breach: CBI begins initial enquiry against Cambridge Analytica

After the data breach came to light, the IT Ministry had in March and April sent communications to Facebook and Cambridge Analytica seeking clarification on the issue.


Cambridge Analytica row: CBI examining govt reference to probe data breach

The move comes after Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad recently informed Parliament that the government had referred the scandal to the CBI.

Cambridge Analytica row: CBI to probe data leak, see if British firm violated laws, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

Cambridge Analytica has denied any wrongdoing, however, information received from Facebook has indicated otherwise, the minister said.

Facebook could be fined $664,000 by UK over Cambridge Analytica scandal

The revelations that data belonging to as many as 87 million Facebook users and their friends may have been misused is a “ game changer” in the world of data protection.

UK lawmaker says fine imposed on Facebook over user privacy

Damian Collins said Facebook "should now make the results of their internal investigations known to the ICO, our committee and other relevant investigatory authorities.''