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FBI seeks video, pictures as it investigates California dive boat fire

The FBI set up a webpage,, for the submission of images and said witnesses could call the agency at an 800-number with tips.

US-based Indian couple, scientist killed in California boat fire

The couple, Kaustubh Nirmal and Sanjeeri Deopujari, lived in Connecticut and were among the people who died aboard the vessel, during a three-day diving excursion.


US: Smoke, not fire, blamed for 34 deaths in Southern California dive boat disaster

Authorities say dozens of people trapped on a scuba diving boat that caught fire off the Southern California coast appear to have died from smoke inhalation, not burns

California boat fire investigators interview captain, crew

The only survivors of the accident, the captain and four crew members, were on deck when the flames erupted shortly after 3 a.m. Pacific time and were able to escape in an inflatable life boat, investigators said.

Deadly California boat fire prompts scrutiny of regulations

Though the cause of the fire is unknown, the scope of Monday’s devastation has left industry experts and officials baffled at how a respected boat operator lost an entire excursion of people inside the hull of a ship outfitted with safety systems intended to protect any such vessel.

25 dead, many missing as scuba trip ends in flames and a haunting plea in California

“I could see the fire coming through holes on the side of the boat,” an eye-witness said. “There were these explosions every few beats. You can’t prepare yourself for that. It was horrendous.”


After his plane crashes in ocean, social media star says he didn't do it intentionally

Pilot David Lesh, a 34-year-old globe-trotting skier and the founder of Colorado-based outerwear company Virtika, had embarked on the flight Tuesday over Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. He recorded dramatic videos as he and his passenger treaded water in the chilly ocean awaiting rescue.

California food festival shooting: Three dead; forces kill suspected gunman

Police and ambulances raced to the spot and the injured were rushed to the hospital. One suspect was reported to be in custody. US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: "Be careful and safe!"

In Roundup case, US judge cuts $2 billion verdict against Bayer to $86 million

Under the judge's final order, California couple Alva and Alberta Pilliod would receive roughly $17 million in compensatory and $69 million in punitive damages, down from $55 million and $2 billion, respectively.

Lead paint suppliers settle California lawsuit for $305M

The settlement comes after years of legal and legislative battling in California and other states.

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Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, is joining the race for the White House. Ms. Harris becomes the fourth woman currently serving in Congress to announce her presidential ambitions.

'I heard the gunshot' | Witnesses recount California shooting

At least 12 people were killed in a shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Borderline Bar and Grill was holding its weekly event for college students.


Why some employees at Disney Land cannot pay their rent

They are struggling to get by and they’re fighting to pass a living wage ballot measure in California, they hope will change that.