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California hit with biggest wildfire of 2019 as NASA warns on climate

It’s a sobering scenario for the U.S. state with the highest wildfire risk, where land damaged or destroyed by fire has expanded fivefold over the last four decades.

How one man may have sparked California's biggest wildfire

The ignition of the so-called Ranch Fire is a testament to the extreme fragility and volatility of the American West, fire experts say. California in particular is such a tinderbox that something as seemingly innocuous as hammering a stake into the ground can unleash an uncontrollable inferno.


California utility to cut power to 27,000 customers to reduce wildfire risk

PG&E said this year it would significantly expand the practice of shutting off power to communities at risk of wildfire when conditions demand it, despite objections from some consumer advocates who said such disruptions can harm vulnerable people such as those who need electricity for medical equipment.

Officials: PG&E equipment sparked deadly California wildfire

Cal Fire said transmission lines owned and operated by the San Francisco-based utility started the Nov. 8 fire that nearly destroyed the town of Paradise in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

California Republicans object after Trump threatens wildfire aid

Trump's latest tweet drew a sharp reaction from the state Assembly's top Republican and two Republican legislators representing the area around the northern California town of Paradise.

Dog that survived California wildfire guarded home for weeks

The house owner Andrea Gaylord fled when the November 8 fire broke out. An animal rescuer who responded to Gaylord's request to check on Madison first spotted the male Anatolian shepherd mix several days later.


After California wildfire, new and old homeless populations collide

The death toll from the fire stands at 88, with the number of missing at 25 as of Sunday, according to the Butte County Sheriff Department.

Utility: Weather didn't warrant power shut off as fire raged in a Northern California town

PG&E explained its decision not to follow through on warnings that it might shut off power in a filing late Tuesday with the state Public Utilities Commission.

California wildfire that killed at least 85 people fully contained

The Camp Fire that started on Nov. 8 destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and burned nearly 154,000 acres (62,000 hectares) - an area five times the size of San Francisco.

Rain tamps down California fire but turns grim search soggy

The nation's deadliest wildfire in a century has killed at least 84 people, and 475 are on a list of those reported missing.

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Death toll rises past 50 in California's worst wildfire disaster

As the remains of eight more victims were found on Wednesday, the toll in California’s deadliest wildfire has reached 56. Over 100 other people are still unaccounted for.


California's largest wildfire surges as temperature rises

Thousands more mountain residents were evacuated from the path of California’s biggest wildfire on Friday as fatigued firefighters battled gusting winds driving one of the state’s worst fire seasons in a decade.

California wind, fire danger hit unprecedented high

Hundreds of houses have burned and tens of thousands have fled their homes due to wildfires in Southern California on Thursday.