Calais News

Britain to boost Calais migrant fund by around 20 mn euros

Britain has already contributed more than 60 million euros and "there will be around an extra 20 million euros (USD 15 million)" Harlem Desir told RFI radio.

Migrants occupy shanty rooftops to protest Calais demolition

The slow tear-down of the encampment in Calais has angered migrants who live there in squalid conditions in hopes of reaching a better life in Britain.


Huge migrant camp in Calais takes on air of permanence

An estimated 2,500 migrants are currently at the wind-swept camp surrounded by sand dunes that sprang up in early April when a state-approved day center for migrants was opened nearby.

The Crisis in Calais

Thousands of migrants fleeing war in Asia and Africa are battling riot police every night in an attempt to get on trains and trucks headed to the UK. Who are these people, and where is the situation headed?

UK, France say ending Calais migrant crisis is 'top priority'

Hundreds of migrants have tried to make it into the undersea tunnel in recent weeks in the hopes of finding a way onto a train or lorry headed for Britain.