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Budget 2019: Govt plans to turn 17 'iconic' tourist sites into world-class destinations

The Union Budget has allocated marginally more — a rise of 1.82 per cent and 7 per cent, respectively - to tourism and culture ministries.

Budget 2019: Why is education sector not happy?

Among major announcements for the sector was establishing an institute for AI, new AIIMS in Haryana and roughly 2 lakh more seats in education institutes across India but decline in the funding of HEFA and indirectly for central institutions along with no visible mention in the speech about the sector has left many disappointed


Rahul Gandhi on interim Budget: Giving farmers Rs 17 a day an insult to their work

Gandhi's criticism was directed towards the 'Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi' scheme announced in the Budget, under which small farmers having less than two hectares of land will receive an amount Rs 6,000 directly in their bank accounts every year.

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To boost Make in India, Budget 2019 shouldn't raise customs duties

Saloni Roy, Senior Director, Deloitte India (Indirect Tax) says that measures other than customs duties should be used to provide a boost to the Make in India campaign.

Explained: Here's how the Modi govt budgeted for elections

Budget 2019: Indian Express Rural Affairs Editor Harish Damodaran and Consulting Editor Shaji Vikraman take a deep dive and explain fine prints of the Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Piyush Goyal in Lok Sabha today.


Budget 2019: What has the Modi government done to solve farmers' problems?

Ajay Kakra, Director - Food and Agriculture, PWC lists what has been done for farmers by the Modi government so far to solve their problems.

Budget 2019: How the Modi government is expected to make farmers happy

Ajay Kakra, Director - Food and Agriculture, PWC explains what is expected in a package for farmers that is expected to be announced in Budget 2019.

Budget 2019: India shouldn't take protectionist steps like raising customs duties

Saloni Roy, Senior Director, Deloitte India (Indirect Tax) says that she hopes that India won't raise customs duties in the Vote on Account on February 1 since it would mean taking a more protectionist stance.

Budget 2019 may not make many changes to customs duties

Description:Saloni Roy, Senior Director, Deloitte India (Indirect Tax) says that not many changes are expected to be announced in customs duties since it is a Vote on Account.