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Monday, May 23, 2022



With eye to China investment, Taliban now preserve Buddhas

March 27, 2022 1:52 pm

Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers are pinning their hopes on Beijing to turn that rich vein into revenue to salvage the cash-starved country amid crippling international sanctions.

Retracing Fa-Hien in the land of the Buddha

December 13, 2021 7:46 am

🔴 Suraj Yengde writes: Today, we must honour Fa-Hien as a great chronicler of medieval India. He should be included in the pantheons of Bahujan society and India’s national history.

As the Buddha once said, don’t believe everything you read on the internet

December 03, 2021 7:46 am

The most recent high-profile fake internet quote incident involved no less personages than Frida Kahlo and whoever handles the Twitter account of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

In India after 141 years, Buddha’s relics set for Lanka return today

October 26, 2021 7:41 am

The only documented authentic relics of the Buddha in Sri Lanka, the sacred Piprahwa relics are kept at Waskaduwa Viharaya in Sri Lanka’s Kalutara.

Explained: Kushinagar, Buddhist pilgrimage town and site of big infra push

October 21, 2021 7:37 am

Among the most important of Buddhist pilgrimages, Kushinagar was where The Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana (ultimate salvation) in c. 483 BC.

Centre plans major infrastructure push for Buddhist Circuit

October 07, 2021 2:24 pm

In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the plan is to further develop the sites of Bodh Gaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Viashali, Sarnath, Shravasti, Kushinagar, Kaushambi, Sankisa and Kapilavastu.

Buddha, the first doctor of the mind

June 27, 2021 8:51 am

One doesn’t become the Buddha instantly, but there is always hope that we free ourselves from clinging on to desires and detachment. To see things as they are.

Explained: The Reclining Buddha and his various other depictions in art

May 27, 2021 10:02 am

Here's why India’s largest statue of the Reclining Buddha, built over three months by a team of 22 artisans in Kolkata, is a fascinating piece of art.

Buddha Purnima 2021: Date, significance and importance of the day

May 26, 2021 11:19 am

Buddha Purnima 2021 Date: Buddha Purnima is one of the main festivals during the Vaishak month, which marks the birth anniversary of Siddhartha Gautama, who later came to be known as Lord Budhha

Jairam Ramesh's new book to uncover story of 'The Light of Asia' poem

December 16, 2020 5:45 pm

Ramesh was recently declared winner of the 2020 Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay NIF Book Prize for "A Chequered Brilliance: The Many Lives of VK Krishna Menon".


The largest Buddha statue in India is being made in Kolkata

January 27, 2021 9:25 pm

The Buddha International Welfare Mission has claimed that this reclining Buddha statue is the largest in the country.

How India and the world celebrated Buddha Purnima

May 21, 2016 6:58 pm

Wesak Day, one of the holiest days for Buddhists, offers an opportunity for all followers to come together and celebrate not only Buddha's birthday, but also his enlightenment and achievement of nirvana.