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View From The Right: Simultaneous polls

Chairman of Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, describes the idea of “one nation, one election” as the “mother of all reforms” and argues that the time for the “one nation, one election” has come.

Chorus of protest in Mizoram over ECI's direction for electoral roll revision in Bru relief camps

“The NGO co-ordination committee strongly urges the ECI to not conduct the electoral roll revision outside Mizoram,” said the groups.


Bru repatriation: Officials leave for largest relief camp in spite of zero success in previous four camps

The teams will set up counters there from Tuesday as per the roadmap approved by the MHA and the Tripura and Mizoram governments.

Simply put: Last chance for Brus, slipping away

The process of repatriation of displaced Bru tribals from Tripura to Mizoram that began in 2010 is set to be wound up. But like earlier attempts, this phase too has seen little success.

Mizoram govt: Process to bring back Bru tribals will go on

There will be no facilitation centre for returning Bru tribals at Kanhmun (at the inter-state border) because no one appeared for the three-day verification process in Kaskau relief camp between June 2 and 4.

Bru repatriation: No one turns up for verification

Tens of thousands of Bru tribals fled Mizoram in 1997 following ethnic violence between them and the majority Mizos.


Mizoram: MHA agrees to final repatriation process for displaced Bru tribals

Bru leaders in Mizoram have, meanwhile, steadfastly supported the government’s repatriation process.

Bru tribals get 6-month ultimatum to return

Official records show almost 4,000 Bru families who have voting rights in Mizoram continue to live in the relief camps.

Displaced Mizoram Bru tribals go for postal ballot

Bru members exercise their franchise to elect an MP for lone Mizoram lok Sabha seat.

In Tripura,Brus vote for Mizoram polls

Roughly 11,000 Bru voters are eligible to vote to nine constituencies.