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Britain to renationalise probation services after failed privatisation

The government has already announced it would abolish the use of handing out of new contracts to private companies to run government projects after reviews revealed little evidence of financial benefits.

Pound drops amid fears PM May's Brexit deal will be voted down, again

The worry for investors is that months of inventory stockpiling by British companies before Brexit will show up this quarter.


EU to grant Brexit delay but may demand a longer extension and conditions

While it was not immediately clear what Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, Europe's two most powerful leaders, agreed with Theresa May, an advance draft of conclusions for Wednesday's emergency EU summit said Britain would be granted another delay on certain conditions.

One of Brexit’s rare winners: Big British law firms

In any divorce, lawyers are the only surefire winners, and as Britain muddles through one of the biggest, messiest and most complicated breakups in economic history, the country’s top law firms are booming.

Who could replace Theresa May as Britain’s prime minister?

Candidates for party leadership have to be nominated by two other members of Parliament, though if there is only one candidate, he or she automatically becomes the new leader.

EU leaders give Britain 'last chance' for orderly Brexit

Belgium's prime minister said he hoped for a "rational" decision by British lawmakers to back the withdrawal treaty that May concluded with Brussels.


Thersa May is warned she cannot hold a third vote on her Brexit plan

The speaker told the government that Parliament could not vote a third time on its plan for Brexit, as the departure from the European Union is known, unless the plan substantially differed from the one rejected last week.

Out of my mind: The meltdown in Britain

History has crippled politics. But don’t worry. The UK remains the fifth largest economy in the world.

Second Brexit defeat for Theresa May plunges Britain into crisis

The defeat also threatens May’s hold on her office. Under party rules, she cannot be challenged for the leadership by Tory lawmakers until December. But there is always the risk of a Cabinet coup if she mishandles the next steps.

UK joins long list of countries in banning Boeing 737 MAX aircraft after Ethiopia crash

On Tuesday, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico joined China and Indonesia in grounding Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft as a precaution and to ensure their airworthiness.

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With British government, parliament and people divided, a disorderly Brexit looms

The European Union said on Tuesday that Britain could be heading for a potentially disorderly exit in just 10 days time as Prime Minister Theresa May met with ministers to thrash out ways to break the Brexit deadlock.

City that voted for Brexit is still waiting

In Britain's 2016 EU membership referendum, Sunderland voted by 61 per cent to 39 per cent to leave a bloc from which many residents — rightly or wrongly — believe they have received little benefit


UK museum's Dippy to be retired in 2017

Natural History Museum director Michael Dixon said the change was part of a 10-year overhaul of the museum.

Scottish voters choose to remain with the United Kingdom

Supporters of the 'No campaign' celebrate after the result was announced at a hotel in Glasgow, Scotland on Friday (September 19).