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No-deal Brexit equals food, fuel and drug shortages, says leaked report

The report, codenamed Operation Yellowhammer, said disruption at ports could last for three months, causing a decrease in the fresh food supply. It says this could potentially lead to panic buying.

Rival plans to stop no-deal Brexit clash, limiting their chances

With parliament the main obstacle to Johnson's "do or die" pledge, lawmakers are urgently seeking a way to remove him or change the law to delay Brexit.


UK gears up for Brexit-driven election that Johnson can't call

The argument for an election is clear. Johnson has a governing majority in Parliament of just one seat, meaning he doesn’t have the votes to pass any controversial legislation.

British spy agencies see foreign ties intact despite Brexit

Since World War Two, London has had particularly strong intelligence links with the United States, and other members of the so-called "Five Eyes" alliance: Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Brexit turmoil drives UK towards recession

Gross domestic product (GDP) fell 0.2 per cent in the April-June period, the first time the economy has contracted in almost seven years, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said in a statement.

Explained: Why Irish Backstop could derail more than just seamless Brexit

The border between Ireland and the UK is the only significant land border between the UK and the rest of the EU, and Brexit negotiations have recognised the Irish border issue as one of the three most important issues any withdrawal agreement would need to satisfactorily resolve.


Britain’s falling Pound signals brexit dismay

The latest pressure on its currency comes in the form of the new prime minister, Boris Johnson, who has insisted he is prepared to accept the expensive chaos of leaving the EU without a deal governing future relations.

Stepping into power, Britain's Boris Johnson seeks more diverse cabinet

The former London mayor won the contest to succeed Theresa May on Tuesday by securing the leadership of the Conservative Party in a campaign that put the United Kingdom on course for a showdown with the European Union.

Britain ramps up preparations for 'very real prospect' of no-deal Brexit

Leading Brexit supporter Michael Gove, who Johnson has put in charge of 'no deal' preparations, wrote in the Sunday Times newspaper that the government would undertake "intensive efforts" to secure a better deal from the EU.

Explained: What is the Irish 'backstop' at the heart of Brexit impasse?

Under the mechanism, the United Kingdom will remain in a customs union with the EU "unless and until" alternative arrangements are found to avoid a hard border.

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Britain's Brexit-beaten Theresa May announces resignation

An embattled Theresa May announced that she will resign as the UK's Conservative leader on June 7 "in the best interests of the country", paving the way for a contest to decide the new Prime Minister after she failed to win over her ministers with a revised strategy to withdraw Britain from the European Union.

Theresa May meets Opposition's Jeremy Corbyn to forge Brexit compromise

Prime Minister Theresa May met Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in a bid to avoids a potentially chaotic "no-deal" departure from the EU. May sought Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's support in a surprise last-minute move.


With British government, parliament and people divided, a disorderly Brexit looms

The European Union said on Tuesday that Britain could be heading for a potentially disorderly exit in just 10 days time as Prime Minister Theresa May met with ministers to thrash out ways to break the Brexit deadlock.

City that voted for Brexit is still waiting

In Britain's 2016 EU membership referendum, Sunderland voted by 61 per cent to 39 per cent to leave a bloc from which many residents — rightly or wrongly — believe they have received little benefit

Brexit: A timeline of the UK crisis

Britain will leave the European Union at 2300 GMT on March 29, 2019. Here is a timeline of key events related to Britain's decision of opting out of the European Union in photographs

Stop Brexit: One man's daily protest against UK-EU divorce

While Brexit supporters are also regularly outside the building, Steve Bray has become well-known for his tactics.


Dogs owners march on UK parliament demanding new Brexit 'Wooferendum'

Around a thousand dogs and their owners marched on Britain’s parliament on Sunday demanding an end to Brexit via a second vote on the terms of the country’s exit from the European Union

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UK Supreme Court Rules Britain PM Must Get Parliament's Approval To Trigger Brexit

The UK Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Prime Minister Theresa May must get parliament’s approval before she begins Britain’s formal exit from the European Union. The UK’s highest judicial body dismissed the government’s argument that May could simply use executive powers known as “royal prerogative” to invoke Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty […]