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British Finance Minister says no-deal Brexit would be 'mutual calamity'

Philip Hammond said lawmakers should stop seeking legal changes to the Northern Irish backstop that the EU would not accept at short notice, and instead focus on supporting PM Theresa May's preferred Brexit plan.

Theresa May in Brussels again, seeking Brexit movement

May agreed on the protocol with EU leaders in November but then saw it roundly rejected last month by UK lawmakers who said the government's legal advice that it could tie Britain to EU rules indefinitely made the backstop unacceptable.


UK manufacturers warn of "catastrophic" no-deal Brexit

British manufacturers are facing a global slowdown as well as Brexit uncertainty. Official data last week showed their output fell by the most in over five years in the final quarter of 2018.

'Drawing Europe Together': Illustrators against Brexit

How do you illustrate the idea of Europe? A book project initiated by Gruffalo-creator Axel Scheffler collects 45 works of artists who feel the UK should not leave the EU.

Seven MPs leave Britain's Labour Party over Brexit, anti-Semitism

The group of lawmakers, calling themselves "The Independent Group", included Chuka Umunna, who had at one point been seen as a future leadership candidate, and Luciana Berger, who has been outspoken about the party's approach to anti-Semitism.

Why lamb chops could be on the menu in a No-deal Brexit

Sheep have been a part of Britain’s blustery landscape since ancient times. Perhaps more than any other type of farming, sheep could be the hardest hit by a no-deal Brexit.


UK PM Theresa May loses symbolic Brexit vote in parliament

Lawmakers defeated the government 303-258 on the main motion asking them to reaffirm support for her plan to seek changes.

British cabinet ministers believe PM May preparing to resign: report

In January, British lawmakers rejected May’s original Brexit deal that set out the terms by which Britain would leave the European Union.

At Dubai summit, IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns Britain on Brexit challenge

UK businesses fear a possible "no-deal" Brexit with the EU will cause economic chaos by imposing tariffs, customs and other barriers between Britain and mainland Europe.

Where a No-Deal Brexit Would Hurt Europe the Most

There are almost 1 million people from Poland living and working in Britain, and it’s one of the largest recipients of remittances. Polish migrants working there sent home more than $1 billion in 2017; so did migrants from France and Germany working in Britain.

Brexit Photos

Brexit: A timeline of the UK crisis

Britain will leave the European Union at 2300 GMT on March 29, 2019. Here is a timeline of key events related to Britain's decision of opting out of the European Union in photographs

Stop Brexit: One man's daily protest against UK-EU divorce

While Brexit supporters are also regularly outside the building, Steve Bray has become well-known for his tactics.


Dogs owners march on UK parliament demanding new Brexit 'Wooferendum'

Around a thousand dogs and their owners marched on Britain’s parliament on Sunday demanding an end to Brexit via a second vote on the terms of the country’s exit from the European Union