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Breast milk is important for infants in the NICU

World Breastfeeding Week 2019: The mother starts developing specific antibodies to combat germs in the infant's surroundings while touching or holding the infant. These protective antibodies are passed on to the infant through the mother's milk.

Breast milk has bacteria that’s good for your baby's health

Breast milk that is pumped and delivered by bottle is generally better than formula. But pumped breast milk may not deliver the benefits of the sugars that arrive in breast milk straight from the source.


Can breast pumps increase the risk of asthma, obesity in babies?

World Asthma Day 2019: A study suggested that indirect breastfeeding can expose babies to potential pathogens, which increase the risk of asthma and other respiratory functions, while another study found that babies who were given pumped breast milk weighed a little more than those who were directly breastfed.

Try these foods to increase breast milk supply

Increased consumption of certain foods like oats, barley and papaya will be helpful in overcoming the problem of low breast milk production.

Formula versus breast milk: What your baby should have and when

Mothers using formula need not worry about how their diet will affect the baby. If the baby has breastfed, then ideally formula feed should be started after the age of six months, along with other foods.

A woman donated 470 litres of breast milk. Know about her rare condition

Frost produces so much breast milk that she has donated nearly 1000 pints of it to feed other babies.


6 myths about breastfeeding busted

Formula milk contains no living cells, enzymes, antibodies or hormones that are essential for the all-round development of the child and for boosting immunity.

Breast milk gives your child immunity from diseases

Colostrum, also referred to as “high octane milk”, is produced in low quantities in the first few days of postpartum. When the baby breast-feeds on colostrums, it is similar to receiving the first vaccinations.

How breast milk prevents food allergies

In a study published in Allergy it has been found that complex sugars in mother's milk may prevent food allergies for the off-spring in the future. This benefit usually cant be found in infant formula milk.

Breast milk boosts brain growth of premature babies

It doesn't matter whether the breast milk comes from the babies' own mother or donated by other women, the study found positive impact of feeding premature babies breast milk during the first month of life.

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Breast milk banks reshaping South Africa attitudes

The South African government is trying to encourage more mothers to breastfeed as the country has one of the lowest levels of breastfeeding in the world.