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Unhealthy gut promotes breast cancer spread, says study

According to the researchers from the University of Virginia in the US, following a healthy diet and lifestyle can help reduce severity of breast cancer.

Explained: How leap in breast cancer therapy will help women in India

The most common cancer among women caused 15% of women’s cancer deaths worldwide in 2018. What subset of patients does the research breakthrough cover, and how far will it help women in India?


Gene 'switch' that helps breast cancer spread identified

The researchers, who published their work in the journal Nature Communications, studied human breast cancer cells treated with a common type of breast cancer drug called aromatase inhibitors.

Soy food may help cut risk of fracture in breast cancer survivors, finds study

As the number of breast cancer survivors rises, interest in lifestyle modifications that can improve survival increases.

IIT Roorkee researchers identify new method to detect breast and ovarian cancer

For the research, the team collected samples from healthy individuals and compared them to samples collected from stage IV breast and ovarian cancer patients, and those ovarian cancer patients who had undergone at least three cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Eating walnuts may help fight breast cancer: Study

The study, published in the journal Nutrition Research, found that consumption of two ounces of walnuts a day for about two weeks significantly changed gene expression in confirmed breast cancers.


World Cancer Day 2019: How to detect early signs of breast cancer?

On World Cancer Day 2019, we have curated a list of signs and symptoms of breast cancer that you should be aware of so that you can raise the flag at the right time. 

How surviving breast cancer made this mother fearless

World Cancer Day: It was while breastfeeding her daughter that Rizwan felt a lump in her breast. "Initially, I thought perhaps the milk had hardened. Over the week, I realised the lump was something different, which is when I decided to take a doctor's opinion," she said.

In Pune, breast cancer is most common regardless of gender: Dr C B Koppiker

Noted oncologist Dr C B Koppiker talks to The Indian Express about the most common forms of cancer, how awareness can help in early detection and the government’s approach to reduce cost of treatment

Childbirth may increase risk of breast cancer: Study

In order to arrive at the result, data from 15 studies from all over the world were examined. Around eight lakh women were studied by the scientists. They focussed on factors, like breastfeeding and family history of cancer, that were previously not considered.