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How can you deal with breast cancer during pregnancy?

It is possible to breastfeed if only a part of the breast is removed, but there could be scar tissue and decreased production of milk. Feeding is possible in the breast that is not affected.

Ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer

The modifiable risk factors can be controlled by adopting certain lifestyle changes. These changes will not only help in reducing the risk of breast cancer but also the chances of developing other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke.


From immunotherapy to Artificial Intelligence: Some recent advances in cancer treatment

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) estimates, India is likely to register over 17 lakh new cancer cases and report over eight lakh deaths by 2020.

Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles starts a dialogue around male breast cancer; here's everything you need to know

Knowles' fight has put the spotlight on the disease, which is usually associated with a sense of shame and confusion.

Is it safe to treat breast cancer during pregnancy?

Radiation therapy usually doesn't start until after the pregnancy, since it could harm the baby. If chemotherapy is required, your doctor will wait until after the first trimester, to reduce the risk of it impacting the baby.

Tactile breast screening by visually-impaired show promise of early detection of breast cancer in India

Using the highly developed sensory skills of visually-impaired women, a new screening methodology could help detect breast cancer risk, shows a study.


Sleeping in the dark could benefit you; here's how

While it hasn't still been figured out why we sleep, it is known that lack of sleep can bring about a biological catastrophe, and have us collapsing like a pack of cards.

Can aspirin reduce cancer mortality?

A recent Lancet study has indicated that aspirin could "prevent tumour development and metastasis, leading to reduced cancer mortality".

Breast cancer cells could be turned into fat to stop them from spreading, says study

Meanwhile, the team is investigating whether this therapy would work combined with chemotherapy, and whether it would apply to other types of cancers.

Unhealthy gut promotes breast cancer spread, says study

According to the researchers from the University of Virginia in the US, following a healthy diet and lifestyle can help reduce severity of breast cancer.