Breaking Down News

Breaking Down News News

Breaking Down News: Almost Bourne Identity

One newsman mistakenly appropriates a slice-of-life of another, and POTUS takes on the wrong ’Un

Breaking Down News: Fact versus Fiction

True or False: Did Rajnikanth give private lessons to Arnab Goswami?


Breaking Down News: Spot On

Placards in legislatures are always aimed at the cameras, never the Speaker.

All Eyes Remain on Delhi

AAP plans to seek out scams spawned by the Congress and the BJP,yet Congress is ready to give unconditional support

The Outside Insider

The Outsider brings home a fresh menu: debate TV

The Guest Becomes The Anchor

BJP spokesperson takes over a news show in the defence of his boss


Makings of a Mess

Two recent incidents where decency was conspicuously absent

Language Barrier

English news TV talked Modi,while Hindi obsessed over Kasab

Remote Control

Why Indian television would do well to learn a trick or two from foreign channels like Al Jazeera

Mamata,Martyrology and the Media

Misinterpreting Mamata Banerjee’s statement against the judiciary as a legal story will only strengthen her politics of adversity