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Rent A Boy|Friend – helping women “avoid” & “cure” depression one boyfriend at a time

“Most girls who are fat and ugly face the wrath of guys and society at large. So, we train our boys to be polite to such people.” Kind, non-judgmental men, who can also help you deal with depression. Everything a woman wants.

BJP MLA's advice to girls: Don't make boyfriends, you'll be safe

BJP MLA Pannalal Shakya went on to say that observing International Women's Day is a foreign tradition. "In the Indian philosophy, women are held in high regard and we celebrate Women's Day four times annually. We worship them four times," he said.


Crazy, crazy boyfriends: Are you dating one of these guys?

While you really want to slap the first two boyfriends hard, the third and fourth irritate you no end.

Justin Bieber signs behaviour contract for hotel

Justin Bieber's management were made to sign a contract before the singer could enter a hotel in New Zealand.

Justin Bieber leaves stage after being hit by water bottle

Justin Bieber was performing at the Anhembi Arena on November 2.

UP girl raped,set on fire by boyfriend dies

A teenager,who was allegedly raped and set on fire by her boyfriend on May 11,succumbed to her injuries Friday.


Naomi Campbell planning Indian birthday party for boyfriend

The four-day celebration will be held at various locations including a historic palace,

Woman,boyfriend held for abducting minor from Batala

Savita lured the boy when his mother was away by offering him sweets. She then took him to Delhi,where she began living with her boyfriend,police said.

'No plans of marrying Justin Bieber'

Selena Gomez said that she has no plans to tie knot with Justin Bieber.

Watch your weight ladies! Your beau can dump you for getting fat

Around 48% of men would not want to be with their partner if she became fat.