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Bosses use social media more than employees

Bosses are more likely to use social media for private purposes during working hours than their subordinates, a new study has found.

Bosses urged to tame rude Facebook users

An expert says 'the posting of hurtful Facebook posts is comparable with workplace bullying and harassment.'


Bosses can no longer sack workers for drug and alcohol use

Employers might breach anti-discrimination laws if they sack workers for drug use.

1 in 5 bosses reject candidates after seeing their Facebook profiles

Almost 40 pct of respondents’ companies look at potential employees’ profiles on social media sites.

Bosses 'can order female staff to wear proper underwear'

A court in Germany has ruled that employers have the right to dictate the length of their fingernails.

Bosses 'rarely believe staff who call in sick'

Your boss may be a kind-hearted gentleman,but nearly three-quarters of all bosses in Britain rarely believe staff who call in sick,a new survey has found.


Study confirms bosses are more disagreeable than staff

The study suggests that bosses are likely to be more extroverted,tougher,and more aggressive than their clerical peers.

Weight bias prevents women from becoming CEOs

Weight bias may contribute to the glass ceiling on the advancement of women to the top levels of management,according to a study.