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Boris Johnson leads first round of voting to replace Theresa May in UK

The Brexit deal has been delayed twice under Prime Minister Theresa May, and now the deadline for the deal stands on October 31. Meanwhile, the failure to deliver the deal this time could mean that there might be a no-deal exit from the European Union.

Boris Johnson bids for UK leadership with pledge of October 31 Brexit

Johnson, favourite for the top job nearly three years since he led the official campaign to leave the EU, praised the strength of the British economy, promised to deliver Brexit by October 31 and tackle despair across the country.


Beyond Brexit, what are UK leadership candidates' priorities?

Boris Johnson has pledged to cut income tax for high earners by raising the threshold at which a 40% tax rate kicks in. He has also advocated lower business taxes. Michael Gove wants to introduce a points-based immigration system modelled on that used by Australia.

Brexit backer vying to lead UK talks getting tough with EU

Johnson quit as the foreign secretary in May's Cabinet last July over her approach to Brexit. May resigned as prime minister Friday after lawmakers, including fellow Conservatives like Johnson, repeatedly voted down her deal with the EU.

US President Trump backs Boris Johnson as next British prime minister

US President Trump has said former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would be an "excellent" choice as the next prime minister of the UK. He also suggested that the American wife of Prince Harry was "nasty."

Who could replace Theresa May as Britain’s prime minister?

Candidates for party leadership have to be nominated by two other members of Parliament, though if there is only one candidate, he or she automatically becomes the new leader.


'Not too late to get 'real change' to Brexit deal,' says former British minister Boris Johnson

Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson was a figurehead of a campaign for Britain to leave the European Union in a 2016 referendum. He asked in his column in the Telegraph whether there was a way forward to break the impasse of Brexit in parliament.

Stand up to EU bullies, says UK's ex-foreign minister Boris Johnson

Brexit campaigners, like Johnson, are also fearful the government is trying to agree a non time-limited backstop to keep the whole country inside a customs union with the EU indefinitely - something they say will not deliver Brexit.

Boris Johnson demands PM Theresa May scrap her Brexit proposals

Boris Johnson, the bookmakers' favourite to succeed May, said May's plans would leave the United Kingdom half in and half out of the club it joined in 1973 and ineffective "enforced vassalage".

"It's not too late to save Brexit," Boris Johnson tells UK parliament

Johnson warned against making the "the fatal mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the public" by saying one thing to the EU and pretending to do another thing to the public.