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UK jobs fall by most in over four years as election nears

The unemployment rate fell back to 3.8%, its lowest level since early 1975 during the third quarter.

UK's Johnson begins election battle, vowing Brexit and casting rival as 'Stalin'

Britons will go to the polls on December 12 after parliament agreed to an early election last week, seeking to end three years of deep disagreement over Brexit that has sapped investors' faith in the stability of the world's fifth largest economy.


'Order!' - UK parliament elects new Speaker for Brexit hot seat

In the three years since Britain voted to leave the European Union, the Speaker has played an increasingly influential role in the process of parliamentarians debating the rights and wrongs of Brexit and passing the laws needed to implement it.

'Only way to get Brexit done is to go with my deal': UK PM Boris Johnson

"The only way out of the EU now, the only way to get Brexit done, is to go with the deal that we've got," he told Sky News in an interview at the start of his campaign for next month's election.

UK PM Boris Johnson rejects calls for no-deal Brexit in election pitch

Johnson had previously pledged to take Britain out of the EU with or without a deal on October 31, before lawmakers voted to force him to seek an extension until January 31.

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn hit the campaign trail for UK Christmas election

Britain will hold its first Christmas election since 1923 after Johnson failed in his "do or die" promise to deliver Brexit by October 31.


Explained: What to expect from UK's rare December election

Britain is to hold an early election on December 12 after the House of Commons passed a bill authorising the vote.

EU nations agree Brexit delay until Jan 31 as PM Johnson seeks election

Johnson, who became prime minister by pledging - "do or die" - to deliver Brexit on Oct. 31, was driven into requesting a postponement after he was defeated in parliament over the sequencing of the ratification of his divorce deal.

UK's Boris Johnson seeks Dec. 12 election to break Brexit impasse

Two days after lawmakers stymied Johnson's latest attempt to pass his European Union divorce deal, he said Thursday that the only way to break Britain's Brexit impasse was a general election. Johnson said he would ask lawmakers to vote Monday on a motion calling a national poll for Dec. 12.

Violence and intimidation is wholly unacceptable: Boris Johnson on Kashmir protests on Diwali

Conservative Party MP Bob Blackman spoke of the violent protests by similar "pro-Pakistani" groups at the London mission during Indian Independence Day celebrations on August 15 and sought action to prevent a repeat of the violence.

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Boris Johnson's journey from journalist to UK PM

Johnson is admired by many Conservatives for his ability to connect with voters, but others mistrust him for his long record of misleading and false statements, verbal blunders and erratic performance.