Pune: BORI gets Rs 9.13-crore boost for research on ancient Indian culture and languages

“The study of ancient texts holds great importance in society today as it forms a means to better understand both our past as well as our present. The discovery and preservation of these texts will ensure that Indological research continues to grow and thrive as an academic field in our country,” Murty said.

A digital library of rare books, manuscripts launched in Pune

BORI which houses one of South Asia’s largest collection of rare manuscripts recently launched an e-library of ancient religious and historical works.


BORI ties up with Oxford Centre for review of Bhagvata Purana edition

Speaking about the international collaboration, Professor Bahulkar said, “It’s a matter of pride to collaborate with Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Awaiting ‘title’, BORI cannot use its Rs 5 cr

BORI was allotted Rs 5 crore in the Union Budget for construction of an auditorium and hostel.

Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute gets new office bearers

Outgoing chairman Gadgil says forces at institute destabilising its functioning.