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Amitav Ghosh receives Jnanpith Award: A look at his best books

Amitav Ghosh, who spent his formative years in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and studied in Delhi, Oxford and Alexandria, is known for creating rich literature out of the blind spots of history.

Tiny books fit in one hand. Will they change the way we read?

With their appeal as design objects, mini books could eventually make their way into furniture and design stores and outlets like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, potentially broadening publishers’ customer base.


World Laughter Day 2019: Seven funniest books of all time

Celebrating World Laughter Day 2019 on May 5, we bring you a curated list of seven books that are funny and guarantee a great laugh.

In her collection of essays, Besharam, author Priya-Alika Elias discusses the perplexities of young brown women

The 30-year-old lawyer, writer, and fierce feminist’s part-manual, part-memoir is full of pop culture references and news items from the past decade or so, that elicit a chuckle, a sigh, and lots of nodding at regular intervals.

Flight into Danger

Uncertain Journeys highlights the magnitude of the cost that workers have to pay when they are uprooted by financial need — a need so pressing that despite the hardships, they are inclined to return to foreign parts after they come home.

How the New York Public Library fills its shelves, and why some books don’t make the cut

Every book has to earn its spot in one of the world’s leading public library collections. Here’s what it takes for a book to make it to the New York Public Library.


7 books to introduce kids to the wonders of space

If your child has been asking questions about space, they are sure to enjoy these books.

Who’s reading what: Annie Zaidi, writer and journalist

"I do not have a kindle. I only buy ebooks if the paperbook is too expensive to buy and ship, or if I need to read for research purposes. I do read articles and essays, etc on my phone," she says.

Read Only Mode: The Five Best Tech Books of 2018

The best tech books of 2018 by Emily Chang, Scott Galloway, Adam Fisher, Ken Kocienda and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Christmas 2018: 10 books on the festival for children

Christmas 2018: With illustrations to complement the lyrics to a classic carol, festive artwork and jolly characters, this book brilliantly captures all the merriment of the popular Yuletide tune. The book offers a fine blend of the classic and contemporary and is a perfect read for the modern reader.

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Love books? Catch a glimpse of the World Book Fair in New Delhi

The New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF), which has emerged as one of the most significant events in the publishing world, will be held in the Capital during January 6-14 at Pragati Maidan.

Books that created a controversy in 2014

It was an unusual year for publishing as many legal and marketing decisions of publishers snowballed into controversies. (Text: IANS)