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Author Sangeeta Khanna’s new book dispels myths around one of India’s favourite snacks

There is a section on Non Veg Pakodas. From the usual anda, chicken and prawn to Herbed Omelette Pakoda and Tisre Vade.

Hindi Diwas: 5 ways to help your child learn the language

Hindi Diwas 2018: To help your child develop an interest in Hindi literature, introduce him or her to children’s books in Hindi.


Telling Numbers

Two books explore how history is shaped by demographic changes

More children's books on environment, publishers call it 'the Greta Thunberg effect'

The number of children’s books dealing with global warming, the climate crisis and the natural world has more than doubled in the last year. Sales too have increased.

Delhi’s Daryaganj book market shuts down: This is not the first time

A stretch of road dedicated to books is not just peculiar to Delhi. College Street in Kolkata and Moore Market in Chennai are similar haunts.

Author Devapriya Roy on her new book and the process of writing serialised fiction

Roy has written two novels, a travelogue The Heat and Dust Project (2015) and a graphic novel, Indira (2018). Her next book is a sequel to the travelogue, called Man. Woman. Road.


Tip for Reading List: The Mass Suicides in 1945 Germany

Florian Huber’s Promise Me You’ll Shoot Yourself: The Downfall of Ordinary Germans is a bestseller in Gemany and has been released in an English-language version.

Amitav Ghosh receives Jnanpith Award: A look at his best books

Amitav Ghosh, who spent his formative years in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and studied in Delhi, Oxford and Alexandria, is known for creating rich literature out of the blind spots of history.

Tiny books fit in one hand. Will they change the way we read?

With their appeal as design objects, mini books could eventually make their way into furniture and design stores and outlets like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, potentially broadening publishers’ customer base.

World Laughter Day 2019: Seven funniest books of all time

Celebrating World Laughter Day 2019 on May 5, we bring you a curated list of seven books that are funny and guarantee a great laugh.

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Love books? Catch a glimpse of the World Book Fair in New Delhi

The New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF), which has emerged as one of the most significant events in the publishing world, will be held in the Capital during January 6-14 at Pragati Maidan.

Books that created a controversy in 2014

It was an unusual year for publishing as many legal and marketing decisions of publishers snowballed into controversies. (Text: IANS)