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Older, Wiser and a Tiny Bit Nicer

If Sex and the City (1997) took a caustic, unsentimental approach to the dating scene of a certain class of white people in Manhattan, this follow-up is mellower.

Telling Numbers

Two books explore how history is shaped by demographic changes


The Galaxy Games

A fictional account of the goings-on within India’s space establishment that acquires a life of its own.

Happily Never After

Tracing the tragedy of Sunanda Pushkar’s life

In the Blind Spot

Easterine Kire’s book provides vivid portraiture of a people on the fringes of the frames of conventional historiography 

A Different Voice

Keki Daruwalla’s first person feminine narrative stays true to history, is an eclectic literary journey.


Lest We Forget

A direct account of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in the poetry of Nanak Singh.

Not the Same River

Amitav Ghosh’s novel sails into troubled waters. The voyage is action-packed but disappointing.

Capital Punishment

Screpanti’s work would be interesting to the lay reader because he follows his arguments logically and transparently, as he traces the history and changing functions of capitalism.

Show me the Mirror

A relevant, detailed text that explores, through the prism of the arts, violence that is embedded in our democratic fabric.