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Eight Kenyan police killed in latest roadside bombing

Five Kenyan police officers and three reservists were killed Sunday when their vehicle hit a homemade landmine in Wajir, northeast Kenya, a government official said. “We had an attack this afternoon and eight officers have been killed,” said northeastern regional coordinator, Mohamud Ali Saleh, the area’s top security official. Saleh said the bombing occurred in […]

Hamas praises Jerusalem bus bomber as 'martyr'

In an announcement on one of its websites, Hamas names the bomber as Abdel Hameed Abu Srour.


8 killed in suicide bombing near Yemen presidential palace

A security source said the attack appeared to target the convoy of a local businessman who was entering the presidential complex.

Twin blasts at Ankara peace rally kill 95, injure hundreds

The explosions occurred minutes apart near Ankara's main train station as people were gathering for the Ankara rally, organized by the country's public sector workers' trade union and other civic society groups.

Death toll from IS attack on Yemeni mosque rises to 28

Yemen has been mired in violence for months, as an array of forces has tried to push the rebels back with the aid of Saudi-led airstrikes.

Bangkok bombing: New surveillance video offers possible bombing clue

A new surveillance video has surfaced offering a possible clue to solving the crime.


Terrorists can’t coerce Pak to accept their terms: Kayani

Military has the “will to take the fight to the terrorists.

US condemns wave of bombings,Iraqis blame govt for inaction

After a day of carnage aimed mainly at Shi’ite Muslims celebrating the end of Ramzan

Death toll in Pakistan bombing rises to 52

According to a hospital official,another 12 people have died taking toll to 52,which also includes seven children.

Bus bomb kills 19 in northwest Pakistan

'The bus was carrying around 40 people,most of them government employees' - Police