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Southwest: Boeing didn't say it had deactivated safety alert

Earlier this month, an Ethiopian government report found that a malfunctioning sensor sent faulty data to the 737 Max 8's anti-stall system, forcing down the nose of the jet.

Boeing’s earnings slide in the face of uncertainty

The aviation giant was uncharacteristically uncertain about its financial future Wednesday. While announcing its worst quarterly results in years, Boeing said that it would not provide its customary full-year sales and profit forecast.


Claims of shoddy production draw scrutiny to a second Boeing jet

A New York Times review of hundreds of pages of internal emails, corporate documents and federal records, as well as interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees, reveals a culture that often valued production speed over quality

Boeing’s 737 Max: 1960s design meets 1990s computing power

The 737 Max is a legacy of its past, built on decades-old systems, many that date back to the original version. The strategy, to keep updating the plane rather than starting from scratch, offered competitive advantages.

More Indonesians join cases against Boeing after CEO apology

Families of 11 Lion Air victims said at a news conference organized by Jakarta law firm Kailimang & Ponto that they are joining dozens of other Indonesian families in filing lawsuits against Boeing.

Explained: How excess speed, hasty commands and flawed software doomed the Ethiopian Airlines

The full picture of what happened in the cockpit of Flight 302 on March 10 is emerging from a preliminary report and a newly released data plot showing how crew and technology interacted.


Ethiopian Airlines crash: Preliminary report shows Boeing MAX hurtling uncontrolled to disaster

Three times the captain, Yared Getachew, cried "pull up", before the Boeing Co plane plunged into a field six minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa, killing all 157 passengers and crew, said the report by Ethiopian investigators.

Financial pressure mounts to fix Boeing's troubled jetliner

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that investigators have determined that the flight-control system on an Ethiopian Airlines jet automatically activated before the aircraft plunged into the ground on March 10.

Investigators believe anti-stall system activated in Ethiopian crash: report

The amount and quality of training that Boeing and airlines provided to 737 MAX pilots is one of the issues under scrutiny as investigators around the world try to determine the causes of two 737 MAX crashes within five months.

US lawsuit filed against Boeing over Ethiopian Airlines crash

A lawsuit against Boeing Co was filed in US federal court on Thursday in what appeared to be the first suit over a March 10 Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX crash that killed 157 people.