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Boeing making 'steady progress' on path to 737 MAX software certification: CEO

Boeing's newest 737 model, the MAX, was grounded worldwide in March following two fatal crashes, one on Lion Air in Indonesia in October and another on Ethiopian Airlines in March, which together killed all 346 on board.

Changes to flight software on 737 Max escaped FAA scrutiny

The omission involving Boeing’s 737 Max exposes a glaring regulatory gap, with the agency’s bureaucratic process proving insufficient for the increasing complexity of airplane design.


US: Minnesota man's family sues Boeing over deadly plane crash

The family of Minnesota man killed in Ethiopian Airlines plane crash last month files wrongful death lawsuit against Boeing, adding to growing number of claims

Boeing’s 737 Max: 1960s design meets 1990s computing power

The 737 Max is a legacy of its past, built on decades-old systems, many that date back to the original version. The strategy, to keep updating the plane rather than starting from scratch, offered competitive advantages.

Boeing cuts 737 MAX output in wake of two deadly crashes

Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg said on Friday said the company now knows that a chain of events caused both disasters, with erroneous activation of so-called MCAS anti-stall software "a common link" between the two.

Ethiopia plane crash: Appeals by Indonesia victim's families to ground Boeing 737 Max went unheard

"I’m just looking for a type of justice. Whoever was at fault should claim their mistakes," Garima said.


Ethiopia to issue first Boeing investigation report today

The Ethiopian-led investigation has begun piecing together details of flight 302, starting with faulty sensor data on take-off from Addis Ababa, questions over the Boeing 737 MAX's high speed and a nosedive coinciding with the software re-activation.

Appeals to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft ignored: Wife of pilot on crashed Lion Air flight

Days after the Ethiopian plane crash, India also joined the long list of countries which banned the use of Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

Boeing fix for 737 Max software is delayed

The 737 Max will remain grounded for at least several more weeks, prolonging a crisis that has engulfed Boeing.

Explained: The global safety rules behind Ethiopia jet crash probe

Under rules overseen by the United Nations' Montreal-based aviation agency, ICAO, Ethiopia must issue a preliminary report within 30 days of the disaster, meaning the deadline is April 9.