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Motherhood reduces breast size dissatisfaction, says study

Perfectionistic self-presentation -- the desire to create an image of flawlessness in the eyes of other people -- is known to contribute towards negative body image.

Your social circle may help boost your body image

Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada found that being around people preoccupied with their body image was detrimental, that spending time with people who were non-body focused had a positive impact.


Meltem Isik's powerful photos capture the complexities of living with body dysmorphia

Meltem Isik photographed people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Although the series took its final shape as a photographic installation, the process is closely akin to sculpture and performance.

Millennials going overboard to obtain six-pack: Survey

Instead of discussing the issue or seeking advice from their doctors, men often turn to supplements and extreme workout regimens to change their bodies, the findings showed. Millennials going overboard with supplements.

Feel good about your looks and enjoy super sex life: Study

According to the researchers, body image is strongly linked to overall life satisfaction and feelings about romantic relationships.

Body image: Are media disclaimers effective?

The study results offer reason for pessimism regarding the effectiveness of disclaimers and subvertising for improving body image.


Move over size zero, the A4 waist challenge is the latest body shaming trend ruling social media

Chinese women are now hankering after a waist thinner than the breadth of an A4-sized sheet — that's less than 21cm!

Women have a ''I hate my body'' moment daily

97 per cent women have at least one negative thought about their bodies daily,reports a survey.

Stress triggers 'poor body image'

Stress from a variety of causes can lead to young males and females developing body image problems,a new study has claimed.