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Searching for the next Bobby Fischer, US finds Fabiano Caruana

Fabi Caruana will challenge the world’s best player, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, at the World Chess Championships in London. They will play 12 matches over the course of three weeks beginning Friday.

Magnus Carlsen,full steam ahead

Carlsen's live rating went up to 2870,just two points off his,and the sport's,all-time high mark.


Magnus Carlsen wins,a new era dawns in chess

Anand loses 3.5-6.5,surrenders World crown to 22-yr-old Norwegian.

Is a win for Magnus Carlsen a win for chess?

Kasparov's assertion reflects view of wider chess world that Norwegian’s marketability will help sport.

Chess referee of the ‘Match of the Century’ dies at 85

Lothar Schmid,a German chess grandmaster who was the referee for three of the most contentious World Chess Championship matches ever played,including the volatile 1972 contest between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky