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The surprising Indian origin of blue jeans

The cloth, dyed blue with Indian indigo, came from Genoa in Italy, which led to the word jeans. When weavers from Nimes in Italy tried to reproduce it, their fabric became De Nimes, which eventually became denim!

Denim Disaster: When trying to look cool backfires

Jeans are quite possibly the only item of clothing where you can choose to be stylish by spending Rs 500 or Rs 10,000. Nothing reflects a particular era like the jeans people wore.


From the discomfort Zone: Changing behaviour

Blue jeans have changed the way we want to look and feel — casual, comfortable and fashionable.

Five fashion tips for your first day in college

Confused about what to wear on the first day of college? Check out five fashion tips to get your campus style right.

On a dark note

Her first album Lizzy Grant aka Lana Del Rey (2009) may have vanished without a blip on the charts,but her second one,Born to Die,delivers