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World Thalassemia Day 2019: How to manage thalassemia during pregnancy

As the first step, preconception genetic counselling of both parents is strongly recommended and must be done as a universal policy for all patients, with or without thalassemia.

Blood test may help detect lung cancer

A protein called IDH1,in patient's blood,can be a diagnostic marker for the lung cancer.


Diabetes drug can reverse Alzheimer's

A study reveals that the most common form of dementia can be reversed using a common diabetes drug.

Kerry says sample reveals Sarin gas used in Syria,Russia unconvinced

Kerry said these samples were collected independently through an "appropriate chain of custody".

101 women farmers write letters in blood to Modi

Women farmers of Junagadh protesting a bypass road project wrote 101 letters with their blood to Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Vadhavi village near Junagadh

25-year-old software engineer murdered over illicit affair

The trail of blood found at a secluded spot at Lohegaon has led police to uncover the brutal murder of a 25-year-old engineer


Can blood,heart and lungs smell the food we eat?

Primary blood cells isolated from human blood samples are attracted to odorant molecules: study

Suman case: Police register case against 2 doctors,lab technician

The Chandigarh police is finally registering a case against two doctors and a lab technician of the Government Multi Specialty Hospital (GMSH)- 16.

Now,a technique that can tell whether blood's old or new!

Scientists claim to have developed a new technique that can tell whether the blood used for transfusions is old or new.

HC registrar general seeks report on wastage of blood

The registrar general of the Himachal Pradesh High Court has sought a report from the state’s principal secretary-health about wastage of blood.

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Camps set to help injured birds during kite festival

Surat, Jan 15 (ANI): Social workers have set camps across India to save birds that are injured during the kite flying season. Many birds are injured or killed during the harvest festival of Makar Sankranti when colourful kites dot the skylines in various parts of India. Birds get injured after coming in contact with the sharp thread which is a glass-coated string used to fly kites. In Surat, 'Prayas' an organisation working for conservation of nature and protection of environment set up a camp to provide medical aid to the injured birds. A helpline number was also started for the same. In Gujarat, the kite festival is organised ahead of Makar Sankranti. It is known as Uttarayan in the state and celebrated by the flying of kites with great zeal and joy. The trust's president Rohit Gangwal said their aim is to save lives of as many birds possible from the glass-coated thread. At both the camps, rescuers were seen trying to rescue birds covered in blood, mostly pigeons with a cut under the wing, and after assessing them, hurried to an operating table if required.