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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

blood clots


Steep rise in cases of arterial thrombosis in post-Covid patients, say doctors

August 19, 2021 12:34 pm

"Don't take severe leg pain or any abnormal changes in the body casually, especially during the post-Covid period," said a doctor

Flu shot may protect against severe effects of Covid-19: Study

August 05, 2021 3:06 pm

The study, published in the journal PLoS One on August 3, analysed patient records from a number of countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Israel and Singapore.

Blood clots in people with severe COVID-19 may be related to abnormal antibody response: study

July 28, 2021 6:31 pm

The study suggests that it may be possible for drugs that are currently used to treat immune system problems to reduce or stop the cells from developing an exaggerated platelet response

Covid-19 and clots in the arteries: All you need to know

June 20, 2021 5:15 pm

If diagnosed on time, the limbs can be saved from gangrene setting in and amputation

COVID-19: What is the D-Dimer test recommended for coronavirus patients?

May 20, 2021 10:28 am

The latest wave has also led to the new and rare symptoms such as blood clotting, in which case, tests such as D-Dimer are required, said Dr Shuchin Bajaj, founder director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals

Covid-19 and blood clots: All you need to know

May 11, 2021 7:19 pm

Clotting of blood is useful in an injury. But when the blood clots inside a blood vessel without injury, it can cause life-threatening complications

World Hemophilia Day 2021: Here's everything you need to know about this rare disorder

April 16, 2021 7:51 pm

Classically, they present with bleeding into joints and muscles either spontaneously or after a minor trauma, a doctor explains

Going to spend long hours in a flight? Here's why you need compression socks

January 11, 2020 1:37 pm

As the name suggests, the socks provide gentle compression to your leg and are tighter around the ankles, to help with the blood flow.

Delhi man suffers pulmonary embolism due to tight jeans, little movement; know what the condition is

November 22, 2019 5:49 pm

A swollen leg and a blackout. That is how a fun drive ended for Saurabh Sharma who suffered pulmonary embolism.

Obesity ups the risk of developing blood clotting disorder in children

January 17, 2016 4:38 pm

The findings of a study are especially crucial as cases of venous thromboembolism — blood clotting — have dramatically increased in the past two decades.